California Age Management Institute

California Age Management Institute

800 West El Camino Real
Mountain View, California 94040

Philip Lee Miller, M.D. – Mountain View CA Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

Mountain View CA Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Philip Lee Miller, M.D. is the Founder, Medical Director and CEO of California Age Management Institute. He has more than 45 years of medical experience and is sought after by patients throughout the country because of his expertise and custom anti-aging plans that have benefited countless men and women. He utilizes Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy as part of his individualized plans that look to treat the root causes of his patients’ health concerns. Using natural modalities, Dr. Miller helps the body to bring hormone levels into balance, allowing a person to experience renewed energy, better health, and a more positive outlook on life. Dr. Miller and California Age Management Institute is on the cutting-edge of patient care, offering Telemedicine via telephone and Zoom video consults. The clinic also has locations in Mountain View and Palo Alto, California.

Additional Services Offered at California Age Management Institute

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Pharmacological Therapy
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Complex Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
  • CardioHealth Panasonic CIMT (carotid artery intimal media thickness) Testing
  • Cognitive Testing

Patient Testimonials

“Always a pleasure to see Dr. Miller. He takes the time to address all my concerns and keeps me focused on maintaining good health. Because of him, I am at least 10 years younger physically (internal and external) than my real age of 62. – Dianne B.”

“Dr. Miller is the best doctor I’ve ever had. He informs me about my health in detail and how to improve it. He answers all of my many questions to my satisfaction. Dr. Miller’s recommendations have helped me feel much better and have helped me maintain my health. I cannot reccomend him highly enough. – Peter M.”

“Dr. Miller does not approach his patients in the usual cookie cutter or tunnel vision manner of conventional doctors. Rather, he considers all aspects of a patient’s health and lifestyle and is then able to coordinate issues for cause and effect and their relationship to one another. From this approach, Dr. Miller provides a protocol for treatment. I would say that he practices integrative or holistic medicine, much to the benefit of his patients. – Rosalie C.”